Kayak Safety

Wavedance kayaks are easy to use but remember that all water sports involve risk. Please stay safe.

  • Always ensure that hatches are secure and watertight before entering the water.
  • Always wear a life vest or life jacket – as required for kayaking by Australian water safety regulations.
  • Paddle in company. It is safer to kayak with at least one other person, and to tell someone where you will be going and when you expect to return.
  • Be sure your experience matches the water conditions.
  • Check weather conditions and know what changes, such as offshore winds, may occur. The Bureau of Meteorology’s web site provides current weather forecasts for all regions of Australia.
  • In flat water your paddle may be secured with a leash.
  • Do not exceed the recommended load carrying capacities: Echo 120kg, Encore 120kg, Calypso 150kg, Capri 220kg.
  • Wear a helmet for surf and white-water kayaking and for other activities where there are both rough water and rocks.
  • Be aware of local conditions – including currents, shoreline variations and special hazards – in an area that you wish to visit.
  • It is often colder on the water and the sun is stronger. Wear or take suitable protection.
  • Beginners need to choose appropriate water and weather conditions while gaining experience and refining paddling techniques. Getting into the craft from the water is easy because of the stable hull, but it is a good idea to try it a few times and decide on the best and fastest method. Practice handling a capsize, first in shallow water. Courses are available for all levels of kayaking skills and local clubs provide information and activities.