The Alpine is a stable, versatile and user friendly kayak that will meet the needs of most paddlers. Our price pointed kayak is eye catching in design and looks, equipped with an oversized thread centre hatch cover to store small items.

This kayak suits a wide range of water conditions – from smooth water to surf – but can be especially useful where there are high manoeuvrability requirements and limited space, such as particularly narrow waterways or small sea caves.

This kayak can carry a combined total of 120 kg without affecting buoyancy or steering performance.

This kayak weighs in at ONLY 17 kg which makes it very easy to move around and carry to and from the water.

  • One oversized threaded hatch.
  • Handy refreshments bag liner in the centre hatch.
  • Safety grab line and Equipment securing points.
  • Carry handles (bow and stern)
  • Scupper holes (4) positioned away from seat.
  • Moulded seat and foot braces.
  • Threaded drain plug.
  • Stabilising ‘shoulders’
  • Smooth hull, textured deck.
  • Superlinear polyethylene construction.
  • Full colour range.


Length: 2.7m

Width: 760mm

Weight: 17kg

Load Capacity: 120kg (paddler & gear)

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