All aboard! The Capri allows for differences in size, weight, paddling skill and even the number of users. Seating options include a regular-size cockpit up front, a roomier second cockpit, and, right at the back, a child’s seat that doubles as a cargo hold.

In common with other Wavedance kayaks, there’s the possibility of sitting a young child between an adult paddler’s knees due to the extra length of the large cockpit (similar to that of the Calypso).

Hatches at the bow and stern enable underdeck stowage, while central to each cockpit are bag-lined personal hatches for small items. Four scupper (drainage) holes are in each cockpit, plus two in the rear section.

Being a tandem kayak, the Capri is naturally heavier than the single models while still being great fun in the surf and having the same broad-range capacity for coastal and inland waters.

Front and rear storage hatches.
Two central hatches.
Quarter turn bayonet fitting hatch covers.
Two moulded seats and foot braces.
Child’s seat/cargo hold.
Equipment securing points.
Safety grabline.
Carry handles (bow and stern).
Scupper holes (10) positioned away from seating.
Threaded drain plug.
Smooth hull, textured deck.
Superlinear polyethylene construction.
Full colour range.

Length: 4.1


Weight : 31kg

Load Capacity 200kgs (paddler & gear)

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